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For the hours of use and enjoyment you will get from first building and then racing them these kits are amazing value for money.



These self build kits provide hours of fun and when they are finished they are actually fun to use!


The Hornet stands as one of Tamiya's most popular R/C cars ever released, helping launch a 2WD R/C buggy boom worldwide. Featuring excellent performance on both dirt and on-road tracks, this awesome buggy can take on any type of terrain.


Originally launched in 1987 and loved the world around for its distinctive camp appearance as much as for its R/C performance. This is a great introduction into proper build it yourself RC cars and will not fail to impress.


Since its first release, Midnight Pumpkin has been a Tamiya favorite thanks to its classic 1950's pick-up truck style combined with oversized tires for stomping performance on the track.


The Neo Fighter Buggy is mounted on the easy to build DT-03 chassis platform. Intended as an easy-to-get-started model to encourage young drivers to enter the world of R/C, its intuitive yet tough design allows hassle-free assembly and gives less experienced users the opportunity to get to grips with R/C model composition and construction.