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This remote controlled scale replica of the SU-27 fighter jet is great fun. The twin push motors and aerodynamic style let it fly at high speeds but with ease thanks to the 6 axis gyro autopilot system that keeps the jet stable and in control.
Made to order, This Drone Is Truly Breath taking, an amazing piece of technology, with all the extras included too.
This is one of the most advanced 450 size 3D radio controlled helis on the market and one of the highest spec helis in the world. It offers performance rivals can only dream of!
The CopterX CX 450 V2 Superior Edition (eCCPM) represents the state of the art in micro RC helicopter technology by utilising the latest design techniques and highest quality aluminium and carbon. The SE is a masterpiece and capable of all stunts!
Dynam have taken the trusty Cessna 182 and given it a total makeover from the ground up. It now really does replicate the full size version, even to the navigation lights and three blade propeller. This "Smart RTF" version comes with the amazing six-axis autopilot system that automatically keeps the plane stable even in windy conditions.
The F22 EDF Jet is one exceptional RC jet. It's power-driven by a bigger than standard 70mm electric ducted fan along with a powerful 2836 inner runner brushless motor and 45A ESC 5A UBEC. It flies very fast and has tremendous wing area and large control surfaces.
Compact size, solid airframe, superior flight stability with 3 axis gyro flight system and on top of that fun, fun & more fun! The ability of turning cycles, figure of eights, 360 flips & more will really surprise you.
The FreeX RC drone is a versatile, very affordable and totally beginner friendly Quadcopter, specially designed to do aerial filming with GoPro cameras.
This version includes a strong and stylish aluminium carry case. It keeps your model safe during transport and if giving the FreeX as a gift makes it that bit more special.
This advanced model is the first mass market RC plane to feature an advanced GPS module that allows true auto pilot and automatic return to home!
It may be small, but what the Hubsan X4 micro RC quadcopter UFO lacks in size it gives back in fun factor and performance capabilities.
This is the upgraded high definition version of the X4 RC quadcopter that records in stunning 1280x720 HD resolution.
This quadcopter has a built in video camera that submits a live feed to your transmitter which has a built in 4.3 inch colour monitor so you can see whatever it sees! .
This drone is pretty clever, packed with the latest cutting edge technology. They are used not only by hobbyists for fun but also for professional use, mainly for aerial filming and remote viewing.
The T580G is a larger version of the Lotus T380G. The T580 is capable of carrying an extra 200g payload than the T380 so can carry a larger camera, a higher capacity battery for longer flight times and best of all the Lotus PTZ camera mount!
The scale looks of this RC plane complete with mini WWII fighter pilot look fantastic flying through the air and taxiing for a ground take off.
The X6V is a great introduction to aerial photography or for someone looking for a fun easy to fly multicopter. It comes ready-to-fly with a 4-channel LCD display 2.4GHz transmitter.
This is the brand new brushless version of the Skyartec Nano CP 6Ch radio controlled helicopter. Not to be confused with toy RC helicopters, this is a proper hobby grade helicopter with incredible real time response and high performance 3-axis gyro.
This remote controlled scale replica of the A110 Predator drone looks stunning and handles perfectly. It looks fantastic flying through the air and taxing for a ground take off. The twin push motors and aerodynamic style let it fly at high speeds but with ease thanks to the 6 axis gyro autopilot system that keeps the plane stable and in control.
The Sky Dancer is a large helicopter with a powerful brushed motor and 3 axis auto stabilisation gyro that makes it the perfect helicopter to learn on either inside or out.
This glider has been designed with beginners in mind and is an ideal first plane. The 750mm wingspan makes it stable in flight which the rear facing push motor and folding propeller are much more forgiving in a crash. The model comes complete with everything needed so you will be flying in no time.
The Butterfly is a multifunctional RC quadcopter that can be used as easily for stable aerial photography as it can for performing advanced stunts and tricks!
The warbird series has been expanded to include a scale replica of the ultimate British fighter, the Spitfire, and it looks fantastic. From industry leaders Dynam RC that comes complete with everything included. It features a large 1200mm wingspan and working electric retracts that make it stand out from the crowd.
The Dynam Spitfire is a fantastic looking high quality RC plane from one of the best RC model manufacturers in the world. The attention to detail is excellent from the replica little guns to the engine exhaust.
The V950 has a brushless motor and big 11.1V Li-Po battery giving lots of power for both indoor and outdoor flight. It comes fully built with 2.4Ghz radio equipment included.
The Wasp Auto CP remote control helicopter has a very unique feature. Hit the invert button on the transmitter during flight and the helicopter will flip itself over automatically and start flying upside down!
The F949 is a low cost easy to fly and operate remote control plane aimed at beginner pilots. Made from EPP composite foam it is light weight but still durable.
The V333 is the upgraded version of the V262 RC quadcopter. The V333 comes with the new headless compass feature and also raised landing skids giving more ground clearance.
The V666 is the top of the range radio controlled quadcopter from WL Toys. Fitted with a 720p HD video camera that transmits a live video feed directly back to your LCD screen on your 5.8Ghz transmitter.
The V933 is an upgraded version of the The V922 RC helicopter.
The XK X520 radio controlled plane has a brushless motors and Li-Po battery giving lots of power to perform amazing aerial stunts.
The A430 Edge radio controlled plane has a brushless motor and Li-Po battery giving lots of power to perform amazing aerial stunts.
The A600 is the perfect choice for both new flyer's and experienced pilots.
The X420 is a cross between a plane and a multicopter. You can take off and hover like a helicopter would, but then flip the switch and fly it like a plane. It comes with everything included to get flying apart from normal AA batteries for the transmitter.
A fun glider for both beginners and experts. It features two different flight modes, with the 6G auto pilot flight assistant turned on or turned off. This can be turned on or off mid flight using a switch on the transmitter.
This palm size 4 channel RC helicopter is amazing! It is able to move in 6 directions, including spinning on its own axis, just like the real thing! Don't miss this one!
This nimble 3 channel RC helicopter has an exquisite metal body. Perfect for first time fliers and beginners who are looking to take to the skies with a great looking strong model.

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