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The Yama Buggy is built with many aluminium parts and looks great with oil filled, colour coordinated shocks. The suspension provides a superb feel on uneven surfaces and its high power 26cc engine gives impressive acceleration.
The Yama petrol radio controlled car doesn't just look the part it delivers by the bucket load. This King of off-road shows relentless pace over the toughest terrain!
This monster is FS Racing's newest 1:5 scale gas powered model. It's powered by a big 30cc engine! It features big chunky parts, working LED lights on the front and roof, and a real spare tire mounted to the back. It comes fully built with everything you need including 2.4GHz radio set.
The 1:5 Scale FS Racing radio controlled off road buggy is powered by a massive 30cc 2 stroke petrol engine, delivering hard acceleration, fast top speeds and amazing cornering. This is a precision manufactured high quality model with a massive feature list.
The FS 1:5th gas RC monster truck is an extreme model with a lot of upgrades pre-installed. The first thing you will notice compared to other models is the bigger powerful 30cc engine instead of the standard 23cc that pushes it to impressive speeds of up to 50mph+!
LAST ONE! This is the brand new upgraded pro version of the Yama petrol radio controlled buggy. This popular model has been upgraded to make it more powerful, perform better and finished off with a striking new body shell and colour scheme.
Petrol radio controlled cars are much bigger than the nitro ones, usually 1:5 or 1:4 scale. This is because the engines run on a mix of normal unleaded petrol and 2-stroke oil and are therefore much bigger so the cars must be bigger to hold them.

The bigger size makes them more expensive but being able to buy the fuel from and petrol station makes them more convenient and a little cheaper to run.